Why We Have a False Perception of Integrity

When used to describe a person integrity becomes very subjective, in the sense that integrity in a person is directly related to who they are and what they value. As such, everyone can have a different version of what integrity means to them personally. The difference in perception of integrity being objective vs. subjective is […]

Steps to Starting a Small Business

The very first step, for most, is the idea. Whether your small business will be a completely new and innovative venture, or a franchise, you still have to have the idea to start it before anything else can happen. Next, usually, there is a period of weighing the pros and cons. This is a critical […]

Why Market Research Is Critical to Business Success

Even if you have a brilliant business idea, offer top quality service, and exceptional products, your business can often fail, through no fault of your own. The key to avoiding that lies in doing market research long before you ever open for business, and to keep doing it as your business grows. Every business has […]

Not Just a Company, A Movement

With Join i5, I was at no loss of surprises. As I delved into the information on this company, I realized that it was unlike any other MLM business I have yet to encounter and I was fascinated with the mission and concept. This review will address all of the details that caught my attention […]

Collective Consciousness Creates Our World

My main focus is to inform you that collectively we also create everything else. Our collective thoughts create our weather, racial issues, violence, poverty and anything else you feel needs changing. REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT FACT, WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE YOU CREATE. You see, the powers that be knew this truth and have used it to their […]