Make a Sound Decision When Joining The U.S. Marines

Educational Requirements To Join the Marines

To qualify for most jobs in the Marines, you need to have good math and reading skills and have your high school diploma in hand. If you have a GED, you’ll need a special waiver to admit you unless you have 15 hours of college credit under your belt. Formal education will help you do well on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), a standardized test that you have to take upon enlistment.

If you’d like to be an officer in the Marine Corps, you need a degree in any major from an accredited college or university. Entering the Marine Corps as an officer will put you on the equivalent to a management track in civilian life and offers you better pay and allowances than enlisted forces.

Age Requirements To Join the Marines

Joining the Marines is a young person’s game. The age parameters are between 17 and 29, but you’ll require a special waiver if you’re 17.

Physical Requirements To Join the Marines

Marine basic training is grueling, so if you want to join the Marines you’ll need to be in good shape and be able to pass a standard physical. Contrary to popular misconception, you do not need perfect vision but can wear glasses or contacts or have had laser surgery to correct any vision issues. If you’re colorblind, you may not qualify for certain jobs.